A Perfect Extension Cord Holder

March 19, 2021

A perfect extension cord holder from your earphones to the garden hose, every wire and cord can become an annoyance if not stored properly. It is as if these cords have a mind of their own; they will take any chance to get tangled as if they were always raveled up like that. However, LuBanSir has created a perfect solution that is bound to take away all your cord-related hassles.

A 9 pack extension cord holder organizer by LuBanSir is made to cater to all the entanglement issues of cords. It is a perfect extension cord holder that is designed for your ease. It is an everyday solution for a large variety of cords that you may have lying around all over your place. Not only does it help you with wrapping up the cords in a proper manner, but you can also store them and hang them with these straps, which makes it one of the most organized storage solutions for cords.


This product comes with nine high-density storage straps that can easily hold up to 50lbs. Each strap is 13” in size, and these straps are also adjustable, which makes them a perfect solution for all kinds of different cords. Maximum circumference that can be easily wrapped is 12” and the largest diameter that it can cater to is 4”. The straps have a life cycle of more than 10,000 utilizations, which is of great value for money. The product is made primarily out of nylon and provides strength and endurance for rugged use.


The product has a simple yet very effective design that takes away all your problems. The straps are made such that they cater to all kinds of different cords ranging from your usual extension cords to garden hoses or even ropes. These straps have a grommet at the top that allows you to hang the tied cables easily, which helps you better organize your cords. The grommet caters to almost all your usual nails or racks and will easily fit wherever you like. This also allows you to carry your cords much more easily and in a manageable fashion. You will no longer need to carry a hefty wheel to wrap your ropes or cords, and you can have this sleek strap and carry your items without any trouble.


This extension cord strap, made out of 900 denier nylon fabric, will not get worn off easily. The fabric is weaved in high density, which also increases endurance. The grommet hook is placed such that it manages to keep the weight balanced. Moreover, it comes with double sewing, which adds to its strength. The hook and loops are also made of industrial-strength so that you don’t have to worry about your loop opening up unexpectedly.

Carrying and storing extension cords and cables have never been this simple. A pack of nine straps with such quality and design definitely ranks this extension cord holder at the top. Check out this perfect product here:



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