RAD Sportz Bike Hoist: The Best Bike Storage Solution

March 7, 2021

Proper storage is crucial for your bike’s lifespan. Not only does it help keep your bike in good shape, but it also saves you from bike theft, which is more common than you may think. It is preferred that you store your bike in a garage or someplace indoors, but usually, with a crowded garage it becomes a hassle, and well, you cannot keep a bike lying around indoors. This brings us to what we think is the best bike storage solution, RAD Sportz Bike Hoist

RAD Sportz is a brand that has lived up to its customer’s expectations at every step. Their bicycle storage products are not some experimental product on the market, rather a trusted solution to all your hassles. We rate RAD Sportz Bike Hoist perfect for your storage problems, based on the following features:

  • Easy to Install
  • Design
  • Indoors
  • Safety
  • Best Price for Value

Easy to Install

RAD Sportz Bike Hoist comes with a simple yet efficient mechanism. It is not complicated to install. However, you must note that the product is meant for ceilings up to 12ft. You will probably have the tools required already in your garage, all you have to do is mount the system to the ceiling.


This bike hoist is of minimalistic design yet this does not interfere with its sturdiness and quality. It is designed such that you can easily lift the heavy load with just a pull of the rope, and its simple old school pulley mechanism makes your life a lot easier. It holds up to 100lbs without compromising product integrity. Made with the best materials for production, the hooks on these hoists are also coated with rubber. This keeps your bike safe from any scratched or dents that it may get otherwise. Moreover, they are made keeping in mind the robust use. You can use them on a daily basis, or you can leave your bike up there for as long as you want, RAD Sportz Bike Hoist will keep your bike in place. 

Install Indoors

When it comes to spotting a place for your bike indoors, it becomes quite an annoying process. However, with this ceiling hoist, you don’t have to worry about this as well. You can easily spot any place in your garage or in your house where you would like to hang your bike. It will provide you with the same ease anywhere. You can manage the height of your bike, you can hang it as low as you want or all the way to the maximum height, however it suits you. 


One might think about the safety concern of a bike hanging above your head. However, a lot of thought has gone through the design process of this product. RAD Sportz Bike Hoist comes with security latches that will keep your bike in place and will not let the rope slip. 

Best Price for Value

RAD Sportz Bike Hoist comes with 2 packs in one; this makes it a great offer for the price. 2 packs mean that you get two systems to hang your bikes. It is hard to find a product at this cost that includes the quality, safety, and design that RAD caters to.If you are looking for a bike hoist, we will recommend you check out the RAD Sportz Bike Hoist. It is likely that you will agree, it is the best bike storage solution.



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