6 Storage Racks Every Ski and Snowboarding Enthusiast Should Know About

February 5, 2021

Are you a ski or snowboarding fan? Do you have your gear lying around at your place? Are you worried that someone may trip over it and damage it? Don’t worry anymore, we have got you covered with 6 storage racks that will take away all your equipment storage troubles.

Gravity Grabber 


If you enjoying skiing just as much as you enjoy snowboarding, or if the people you live with have interests different than yours, well you do not have to buy different kinds of racks. Gravity Grabber is the ultimate ski plus snowboard wall storage rack. Secured onto your wall with six drywall anchors and screws, Gravity Grabber hangs onto the wall easily carrying weight up to 20 lbs.

With a gravity-locking design and anti-slip rubber, your equipment will stay on the rack, without any pressure or damage. Gravity Grabber also comes with interlocking corners, once you have tried, tested, and fallen in love with it, you can easily get more and combine them to have a better-organized space. This is not it, off-season if you plan on securing your boards and skis elsewhere, you can still utilize the Gravity Grabber for all kinds of different stuff, such as broomstick, etc. 

Ski Wall Rack by RaxGo


Chances are that you have more than one set of skis, and that’s alright, Ski Wall Rack by RaxGo is a perfect solution to store up to 4 skis at the same time. The powder-coated steel construction makes it strong enough to hold 300lbs without any problem. It also comes with adjustable snap-on arms that you can easily move around for perfect spacing. These arms are rubber coated to save your skis from any damage while on the rack. If used with proper care, this product is going to take away your storage troubles for a foreseeable future.  

StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf


Made out of aluminum and steel, this shelf plus rack by StoreYourBoard is here to save you, if you have a place cluttered with skis and their equipment. This product caters to all kinds of different skis. You can adjust the spacing between the arms to fit a specific ski. It can hold up to 200lbs on the ski rack and another 100lbs on the shelf. It is safe to say that you can easily store 10 ski pairs on this rack. 

StoreYourBoard Timber Snowboard Wall Rack


Snowboard storage has never been this classy. This timber snowboard storage rack can blend in with any kind of space. It stores 3 snowboards of all sizes, with each level holding weight up to 20lbs. Apart from its looks, this hardwood rack holds the snowboards perfectly, and for added security, the arms are padded with cork. 

StoreYourBoard Naked Snow


Made out of 100% aluminum, it may not look like much, but this rack has all the strength to hold your snowboard with ease. With protection added to secure it from scratches, this rack puts your snowboard on the forefront. Undoubtedly a great rack for displaying your board.

StoreYourBoard Cinch Floating Snowboard Wall Mount

StoreYourBoard Cinch Floating Snowboard Display Mount, Wall Storage, 2 Pack

Storing the snowboard vertically, face front, this storage unit is indeed different from all the others. Its minimalistic design and rubber padded mounts are a perfect combination for safe and aesthetic storage. Installation is easy, quick, and durable. 

If you are looking to buy storage racks for your skis or snowboards, here are the perfect solutions. You can check these out here:

  1. Gravity Grabber 
  2. Ski Wall Rack by RaxGo
  3. StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf
  4. StoreYourBoard Timber Snowboard Wall Rack
  5. StoreYourBoard Naked Snow
  6. StoreYourBoard Cinch Floating Snowboard Wall Mount



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