The 4 Best Solutions for SUP Storage

February 1, 2021

Paddleboards are really bulky, and while it is fun to handle them out in the waters, storing them can become quite a hassle. With their mighty design, your space can look crowded if you don’t place them in a proper rack. Moreover, you would not want to damage them. Luckily for you, we have found the 4 best solutions for SUP storage.

Suspenz SUP Rack

Made with powder-coated rectangular steel tubes, SUP Rack by Suspenz is a compact storage solution for your paddleboard. Extending only 10 inches from the wall, this rack comes with nylon straps that eliminate the chances of damaging your board. These nylon straps distribute the weight and do not let any pressure build-up. Moreover, your board will never come in contact with any hard surface that might damage it.

An added feature is that you can combine two SUP Rack’s by Suspenz together, providing you with minimalistic storage for two boards, which is incomparable.

Suspenz Double-Up SUP Stand

Another great product for both outdoor and indoor storage of your paddleboards is Suspenz Double-Up SUP Stand. Frame made out of epoxy powder covered aluminum is both, lightweight and durable, a perfect combination for a storage stand. The light weight also makes it perfect for portable use, you can carry it around with you, so your board has to never get on the ground. It can cater to two paddles boards, each 7 inches thick. The neoprene foam pads are there to ensure that you don’t scratch or damage your boards.

Store Your Board Naked SUP

A design as minimalistic as the paddleboard storage rack can get. Naked SUP by StoreYourBoard is the perfect rack to show off your paddleboard. It can hold up to 50 lbs if correctly installed. It extends 11 inches from the wall, strength of the aluminum will keep the bracket steady, plus you don’t have to worry about the bracket getting rusty. The arms of the bracket are also padded to protect your SUP from any damage. A perfect solution to store a single paddleboard in all its glory.

Store Your Board 2 SUP Wall Storage Rack

This wall storage is a superb solution for everyone, whether you carry different kinds of paddleboards or the same kind. This adjustable rack can cater to all kinds of boards as long as the total weight on the bracket is around 100 lbs, which we can safely say is good enough to store two paddleboards. Rubber coated rack arms made out of powder-coated steel are both sturdy and safe for your paddleboards. 

To conclude, these 4 ultimate storage solutions cater to all kinds of paddleboarding enthusiasts who are struggling with storage issues. These solutions cover both the indoor and outdoor storage racks and offer great value for money. So if you are looking to get some storage racks and brackets, please visit the following links:

  1. SUP Rack by Suspenz
  2. Suspenz Double-Up SUP Stand
  3. Naked SUP by StoreYourBoard
  4. StoreYourBoard 2 SUP Wall Storage Rack



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