4 Best Kayak Storage Racks You Can Buy

February 1, 2021

If you’re a kayaking enthusiast, then you should definitely have some classic, simple kayak storage racks to hang yours. They can’t be lying around in a shed or in a garage. They need to be kept off the ground and away from any moisture. In order to increase their lifespan and keep them out of the way, these great kayak storage racks will do the job. Let us help you find one of the 4 Best Kayak Storage Racks you can buy today to help preserve your kayak.

  1. RAD Sportz Kayak Wall Hangers

This is a great kayak wall hanger that can support about 100lbs of weight. It’s also very easy to use and to install. The material is powder coated steel and each hook is about 15.25 by 3.25 inches. The hooks in the design are made with a foam padding so that the kayaks can be protected from scratches. 

These hangers can be placed on the ceiling of your room, or on the side of a wall or in a shed or garage. 

  1. StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack

This adjustable ceiling rack seems like it’s complicated, but it’s pretty simple. It has the capacity to store 2 kayaks and is made to handle 150 lbs. It can fit 25 inch or 30-inch wide arms. It will hold kayaks for white water rafting, or ocean kayaks, or fishing kayaks, etc. It is more expensive than the others on the list, however. 

  1. Malone Auto Racks SlingTwo Double Kayak Storage System

This is perhaps the most preferable of the simple kayak storage racks. It’s a no hassle mounting rack which can hold up to 2 kayaks at once. It’s rated to hold 135 lbs at once and has a 1 year limited warranty. It’s great value for money, and weighs nearly 1.15 lbs itself. It’s the ideal kayak rack if you ever need something uber simple. 

  1. Mind and Action Kayak Storage Rack

This kayak storage rack is made for the beginner. It’s just built to house one kayak, but it’s also rated to handle 100 lbs. The rack is made of manganese steel. Not only is it sturdy and durable, it has a powder coated surface, and rust resistant. The rack has rubber pads as well to protect your kayak from scratches. 

Final Thoughts

Any of these racks will be perfect for a beginner or enthusiast. They can all handle heavy kayaks and can be mounted on nearly any surface. Just remember to not load them with more weight than they can carry. Also, make sure that you choose according to your status as a kayaking enthusiast. 



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