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We help our customers save time by finding and researching products that you want or need to enjoy your hobbies, because we all know that the more time, we spend enjoying our hobbies the happier we are.


In life we always have the best intentions, to buy a new toothbrush, organize the closet, clean the garage, but sometimes life intervenes, and we do not stop long enough to find the right tools needed to complete the tasks we intended on getting done.


One of our top jobs is to save our customers money, by doing the research on the products that we offer on our site. We do not always offer the cheapest products, but we try to balance the price with the quality to offer a great product selection for the many different needs you may have.


Many do not realize how much time and effort it takes to locate, research, and purchase great products, to finally get it and realize that it is not what you thought it was. That is why we take the time to complete the research, to save you the effort and feel confident in your buying decisions.

Who we are?

Big Boy Storage rose from a simple need, back in 2014 I purchased my first Fat Tire Electric Bike, however I learned very quickly there was not much available for transporting or storing that heavy of a bike as they weighed about 55 pounds, I also enjoyed paddle boarding, but again there were very few items to store or transport my 12 Foot 6-inch paddle board. I assumed I was not the only person running into some similar problems.

Big Boy Storage Buyer’s Guide

February 15, 2021

What are the best ways to transport my Bikes?

            We cannot cover every vehicle transport system on the market, but we can share three of the most popular types for Cars, SUV’s, and trucks. One of the best Trunk Mount racks on the market is the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Rack. There are a lot more choices for the SUV, because you can go roof top, Hitch, or even like the Trunk Mount, but we have found that we prefer the hitch mount system, and a very affordable option is the Leader hitch Mounted 2 Bike Rack. Pickup trucks offer a completely different choice when is comes to transporting your bikes, that we like to stay simple and go with a simple Softride pick up shuttle pad. We hope this helps to make an informed buying decision.


How should I store my Surfboard in the Winter?

            First things first, you will want to rinse your board thoroughly with tap water, to get a clean surface and to remove salt water, which can damage the board, dry the board well to remove all the moisture, removing any wax is a good idea as well. I like to put my board in a board bag, before I hang it in my garage rack, to me it adds just an extra layer of protection, Surf boards are not cheap, so taking a little extra care and money to protect will keep your board ready for waves.


Is there an easy way to get my Paddleboard to the Water?

            When I lived close to the water about 3 miles away, I used my bike to transport my 12’ 6” Paddle Board to the back Bay, they do not seem to sell the trailer that I use, but the SUP Wheels Evolution Standup Paddle Board Carrier is remarkably similar, and I was able to ride up to 15 mph without an issue. However, my favorite roof top carrier is the Thule SUP Taxi XT, which allowed me to drive down the highway at 75 mph without issues. I would try and stay away from the inexpensive foam Roof Rack Pads with straps, I found for any distance, the straps would loosen up, the paddle board would hop or bounce up and down at anything over 35 mph, it always made me fear it was going to break the board.


I love to Kayak, but storing and transporting can be a lot of work, what do you suggest?

            I have found that the Leader Kayak Rack J Bar Roof Top Mount is very easy to install on the Crossbars, it includes the straps, has extra foam padding to reduce scratching and damage to my Kayak, and I have set up a hoist system by RAD Sportz to lift on and off the top of my car, that’s what I call easy, but if you have found an easier way, please share with us so we can share with all our reader. The easier it is to get to the water, the more time I can spend relaxing and enjoying the water.


My Skies are expensive, what is the best way transport without causing damage?

            There are several different brands of Roof Racks, but I found this Universal Ski Roof Rack to be perfect for up to 6 pairs of Skies or 4 Snowboards, they easily attach to almost all equipped cross bars, plus they are not overly expensive. For air travel, you should really get a premium padded ski bag one of the best sellers is from Sukoa Sports and it has enough room for your poles and accessories plus even room for some ski clothes. If you’re going to walking anywhere with your ski’s you might want to pick up the Volk Ski Strap and Pole Carrier, it comes in a 2 pack, its adjustable for Men, Women and even kids and only $24.99.


Should I leave my Wake Board on the boat for winter or store at home?

            Wake boards can get expensive, especially if you have more than one, which most boat owners do, so for me I have found that the more toys you leave on the boat for the winter season, means the less those items are taken care of, you are less likely to clean, and store properly, so for me it’s storing at home in the garage, my two favorite Tower racks are the Krypt Towers Ultimate board sports wall mount and the StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Adjustable Wall Storage Rack, both systems are great. My favorite single board mount is the StoreYourBoard Naked Wakeboard Wall Rack, it is a floating display mount, great for small spaces.


Have you found a better solution for storing garden tools in the garage?

            I don’t know if my way is better or not, I do know that it works for me and my garage, I always try to find high quality products at the best possible pricing, plus I like products that are adjustable, so I can change things up if I get a new tool, my first item is the Ultrawall Garage Wall Organizer it’s 9 Pieces with a lot of different applications. Watch how easy it is to install: 

The second garage storage item I like is Garage Hooks Double Heavy Duty, they come in a 14 pack, with 5 types of the garage organization contain 2 large square hooks, 3 medium square hooks, 5 small square hooks, 2 large “J” hooks and 2 small “J” hooks. These Storage Hooks are made of heavy-duty solid steel, the garage hooks wall mount can hold up to 88 lbs. and be fully used for a long time. With a PVC non-slip coating, the garage wall hooks can hold the item easily, keep it firm for years and ensure the integrity of whatever you want to store.

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